Edinburgh Saunas


We are the latest sauna/massage parlour to thow open our doors in town,we are quickly establishing our self as the establishment to visit.The parlour is small but clean, warm and very friendly. We cater for all so why not come along and lets dabble together :)

Opening Hours

  • Monday to Saturday 10am to 10pm

Entry Prices

  • £15 for 30 minutes
  • £20 for 45 minutes
  • £25 for 60 minutes


  • Address: 278 Bonnington Road, Edinburgh, EH6 5BE
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Review by Jim on using the sauna on 18th July 2012

I went into the dabblers sauna as i seen it advertised that it had came under new management. When i went n, i was greeted by a very uncouth man, who was very abrubpt when telling me what ladies were there to do massage. A young lady was picked by myself and she was so embarrassed when she took me into her bedroom. She told me that there was no running water, hot or cold,. i then asked if i could use the bathroom and when i went in there was hoovers and carpet cleaners and mirrors everywhere, there was no towels to dry my hand.

I seen a sauna cabin and asked if it would be possible to use it, the girl stated that it doesn’t work, but with closer inspection i seen a coat stand full of jackets and what seemed to be a quilt. The rooms where very small, and my masseur ha to sit on the bed while i got undressed, due to the fact there was no room. I asked if i could have a video on and the young lady said that the t.v wasn’t working, and that there wasn’t any dvd’s. The music that was played was not too my taste and when asked if it could be changed i was told it was the only c.d.

When my time was finished, i asked to be sown to the shower. It was so small i barely had enough room, given the fact i am one of lifes larger men, also the towels in which i was given entering dabbler were too small ,and did not go round my body, also these towels were dyed, and all bobbly, they had seen better days.

The hall is covered in rugs and carpets, also a sink which was full of dirty dishes. The sauna did not have any other woman in except the lady i had, too me she was very embarrased about the whole situation.

I did not think much of the boss, i still dont know his name. He was very rude and didnt really have much conversation with me, the young lady did all that herself.

I will certainly not be visiting Dabblers again, not because of the lady, but because of the owner and his premises, and I strongly reccomend that no one else does.

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